Batch – Founded by Amy & Aurora

Amy & Aurora


Batch Workshops was launched in 2021, with Amy & Aurora combining their complimentary jewellery skills into a fun, supportive and unique learning space. Their aim was to fill a gap on the Northern Beaches with their easy going teaching style, going against the grain of the traditional, more formal silversmithing classes.

Aurora, originally from Canada, established herself in Australia 8 years ago, following her love of it’s surfing beaches. Mostly self-taught, she also apprenticed under Denise + Holly Ryan, where she was introduced to the goldsmithing world. Aurora’s interest in practising sustainability in her craft led her to sand-casting, the technique in what she uses to create her pieces for DAWN & DAISY.

Amy, born & bred in NZ, began her career in jewellery when she made the move to Melbourne in 2002 & studied Fine Art, majoring in silversmithing. Moving to Sydney in 2015 for the sun & surf, she now runs her jewellery label A M Y G O L D out of Batch Studios, with which she predominantly works in the lost-wax casting method.

Sharing their artsy, kitch Batch Studio with artist Sam Stewart, they welcome you into their world filled with creativity & laughter, whilst chatting endlessing about surfing waves and precious metal. Aurora and Amy x




Sand casting is an ancient metal casting process characterised by using sand as the mould material. A two-part mould of your chosen object is made in an aluminium flask, using specifically made sand & then pour molten metal into the mould, creating a replica of your chosen object.

This is a 3 hour workshop where you will be guided through the steps to make your own recycled sterling silver pendant, using the ancient techniques of sand-casting and silversmithing. It is only fitting that for this unique Equinox workshop in Crescent Head, you will be alchemising recycled sterling silver to create a one of a kind pendant. Silver being symbolised as a crescent moon in alchemy, you will get to take it from a solid form to molten, then back to solid.

The workshop is broken down into three sections:

Introduction to the workshop & a demonstration of sand-casting.

Sand-casting your pendant with your selection of object.

We will have a selection of shells, crystals & hand-carved wax shaped from which you can choose.

Cleaning and polishing your casting to a finished product, of which you will take home with you.

Sandcast_Ring copy