Hayley Voysey

Hayley voysey

Hayley is an intuitive energy healer. Her passion is to guide others to dissolve the conditioned parts of their being to be in their most beautiful and powerful form. She works with-in the multi-dimensional realm of each client with the assistance of crystals and Human development skills, to create guidance and healing on an individual level.

Hayley’s natural intuitive gifts, guidance skills and ability in supporting people to find their inner truth and balance has grown and developed over the years through her own life journey. The healing, growth and expansion she has experienced has pushed her to evolve even further through certified learning and constant seeking of knowledge, enabling her to further assist others to gain clarity and empowerment through her Transpersonal Crystal Healing business (Stone Guided Sister). 

Her experience in working with Oracle, crystal grids, pendulums and meditation practices to build strong connections to her higher-consciousness, the divine source, Mother Earth, her guardians and her guides. She is a guiding light ready to assist you on your personal growth journey from a space of un-conditional love.

Crystal Workshop

Will involve guidance on tapping into what is needed to assist in stone selection, how to deeply attune with your crystal and ways to integrate crystals into your daily rituals to assist you throughout your journey.

Sitting in a ceremonial space, you will select a beautiful clear quartz point before being guided through a meditation, connecting with and programming your crystal to your specific needs.

You will walk away from this workshop with instilled knowledge, a deeper awareness of the benefits of using crystals as a healing tool whilst experiencing the stones magic.


*Certified Transpersonal Crystal Healing Practitioner
*Certificate in Meditation Teaching and Holistic Human Development- Australian School of Holistic Counselling
*Certificate IV in Leisure and Health- Tafe NSW.
*Currently completing a Certification in Master Practitioner of Holistic Counselling
*Owner and operator of Stone Guided Sister