Things to do

We're here to give you a good time.

Ask us questions before the trip or when you arrive, what you want to do and we'll tell you about the good times ahead. We'll prepare whatever we can in advance, then chat when you arrive to make the good times happen, however you want.

Some of our crowd favourite experiences include:

Yoga, Pilates, Fitness

Weekday and weekend classes


It's next-level. Off the beach, off the rocks, or hire a boat.

Get Aquatic

From secluded beaches to freshwater creeks and even a sneaky waterfall after the rain, we love to get aquatic.

4x4 Access

Not only can we drive endless stretches of the beach but dirt trails that lead to more adventures.

Super Fun Times

One of our specialties. Groups special occasions, we've got ideas to turn it up.

Take The Space

Creative Residencies. Wellness retreats. Team weekend. Corporate Escapes. Film shoots. Weddings. They all happen here and they're incredible. Enquire Within.

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